Know More About Continental Girbau Washing Machine?

Continental commercial laundry products bring real-life solutions to a variety of industries and applications. Engineered for unrivaled performance, durability, and ease of use, Continental Girbau washers, dryers, feeders and ironers work in concert to save energy and maximize throughput and production. They offer the largest breadth of laundry products and systems in the industry!

Girbau North America (GNA) delivers the total laundry solution to vended, on-premise commercial, multi-housing, industrial and textile care laundries throughout North America. As the provider of highly efficient batch tunnel washers, washer-extractors, drying tumblers, feeders, ironers, folders, stackers and related machinery, GNA serves the complete laundry production and efficiency needs of virtually any industry or application. Proven durable and reliable, GNA laundry systems are engineered for unrivaled productivity, efficiency, safety and ease of use.

Types of Continental Girbau Laundry Equipment and Models, Specifications.

1. Continental Girbau Washer

Models and Specifications of Continental Girbau Commercial Washers

Girbau OPL EH040 WasherGirbau RMG055 WasherGirbau REM025 Washer
Imagegirbau opl eh040girbau rmg055girbau rem025
CapacityDry Weight Capacity lbs 40
Cylinder Volume cu ft 6.1
Dry Weight Capacity Ibs 55
Cylinder Volume cu ft 8
Dry Weight Capacity Ibs 25
Cylinder Volume cu ft 3.5
SpeedWashing Speed rpm 45
Spin Speeds rpm 45/100/375/570/750/950
Washing Speed rpm 45
Spin Speeds rpm 45/100/360/505/600/715
Washing Speed rpm 54
Spin Speeds rpm 54/100/410/500/580/600
WeightNet Weight lbs 1049Net Weight lbs 741Net Weight lbs 317

2. Continental Girbau Dryer

Models and Specifications of Continental Girbau Commercial Dryer

Girbau CG3040 DryerGirbau CG5565 DryerGirbau CG2030 Dryer
Imagewhat is a continental girbau washing machine?girbau cg5565 dryergirbau cg2030 dryer
CapacityDry Weight Capacity Ibs 40
Cylinder Volume cu ft 12.7
Dry Weight Capacity Ibs 60
Cylinder Volume cu ft 17.3
Dry Weight Capacity Ibs 30
Cylinder Volume cu ft 7.7
DimensionsMachine Dimensions (WxDxH) 31.5 x 46.875 x 63.875 inch
Door Opening inch 23.7
Floor to Door inch 27.5
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH) 34.5 x 53.1 x 66.7 inch
Door Opening inch 27
Floor to Door inch 26.9
Machine Dimensions (WxDxH) 27.9 x 39.4 x 63.9 inch
Door Opening inch 23.7
Floor to Door inch 27.5
WeightNet Weight (electric models) lbs 340 – 350Net Weight (electric models) 430 – 440 lbsNet Weight 300 lbs

3. Continental Girbau Express Ironers

Models and Specifications of Continental Girbau Commercial Ironers

Girbau X13061 IronersGirbau CP24130 IronersGirbau X20075 Ironers
Imagegirbau x13061 ironersgirbau cp24130 ironersgirbau x20075 ironers
SpeedIroning Speed ft/min 3-36Ironing Speed ft/min 13-39Ironing Speed ft/min 4-49
DimensionsCylinder Diameter inch 12.8
Usable Cylinder Width inch 60.6
Cylinder Diameter inch 24
Usable Cylinder Width inch 130
Cylinder Diameter inch 20.1
Usable Cylinder Width inch 74.8
WeightNet Weight lbs 1012Net Weight lbs (machine only) 8800Net Weight lbs 2282

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AAdvantage Laundry Systems is part of  EVI Industries. EVI is a distributor of commercial laundry and dry cleaning equipment, industrial boilers, related parts, supplies, and technical services. This strives to partner with customers in the market through volume purchasing and discount.

They offer turn-key solutions which include design and layout services, financing or leasing options, full service and installation technicians, construction consultation, business projections, site location demographics, and evaluation of green-friendly alternatives to reduce energy consumption and reduce operating expenses. AAdvantage Laundry Systems listens to its customers. So when they asked for a low-cost all-inclusive solution for their laundry equipment needs, responded with just such a program. Termed “CleanCare”, this program offers customers the opportunity to lease washers, dryers, and ozone systems for monthly payments that are often far below the average service call charge.

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