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A laundromat is a business that rents out washing machines and dryers to people who do not have them in their home. It is usually a small room, with a number of coin-operated washers and dryers. Some laundromats provide services such as pickup and delivery of laundry, pickup of dirty clothes or sheets, and clothing alterations. Many laundromats have a change machine in which customers can buy laundry detergent.Laundry is washing clothes or other fabric items that are difficult to dry completely by air, typically done with water and soap.

Laundromats tend to be less expensive compared to home laundry. There’re no worries about clothes piling up, since many Laundromats have limitless washer or dryer hours. Laundromats provides a broad range of dryers and washers, such as machines with bigger capacities to deal with bulky items or heavy loads. Laundromats also provide a number of laundry detergents as well as fabric softeners to pick from, whereas home items tend to have a number of common choices with only small differences. Laundromats can help you save money on electricity bills. Laundering machines in laundromats are usually energy – efficient, saving you cash on electricity bills at home.

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