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He mentioned that he had owned multiple laundromats for over fifteen years. He added that he and his wife had three children and were aware that laundry was a never-ending chore. They had started sending their laundry in weekly for their own fluff and fold service and realized it was something many people needed. According to him, it gave them more time to spend with their kids and engage in activities they enjoyed. He informed that they had bought a condo in Oxford when their oldest started college. Although it had a washer and dryer, they had decided that if there was a pick-up and delivery service that could handle their laundry, sheets, towels, and so on, it would give them more time to enjoy the weekends as well. He expressed their excitement about the launch of Oxford Laundry People in Oxford and invited people to schedule a pickup and try their service. He also mentioned that they looked forward to helping individuals enjoy more free time in Oxford instead of doing laundry.