Wholesale Commercial Laundry S.E. offers a full-service parts department; an unmatched technical service department focused on keeping customer machines up and running; and an expert sales staff that understands how to make laundries more profitable, efficient and productive.

Russ Arbuckle, the company’s president, has personally helped develop more than 500 vended laundries and countless on-premise laundries through the years. He passes this industry knowledge on to staff and customers on a daily basis.

What better way to understand the needs of coin laundry storeowners? A guru in the service arena, as well, Arbuckle is known for his expertise in diagnosing, rebuilding and installation – skills he’s passed on to his service technicians. And, he’s made a name for himself in the on-premise and industrial markets, where Wholesale Commercial Laundry S.E. is highly entrenched. The company serves a large variety of industries, including healthcare, fire, hospitality, vet clinics and more.